Presentations should rock because We Are All Visual Learners

Your brain is primarily an image processor.

In fact it's working right now, absorbing more of the imagery on this site than this sentence alone. And that's where we come in. We design to impress. Our customized presentations will knock out the leading competitor by delivering high-quality, captivating designs that tell your story in a memorable way.

So give us a shot, we won't disappoint!

The Designer & Story Teller

We're just ordinary people living a dream and doing what we love—visual story telling.



Joe is a polished graphic and web designer. His passion is staying on top of the latest digital trends and creating clean designs that just flow and feel good. With a degree and background in Visual Arts, SlideMonster is truly the manifestation of Joe’s dreams and talents.



Stephanie is a published author of grammar workbooks sold in the consumer market. She has worked as a managing editor of a publishing company, a marketing manager of a global brand, and a corporate trainer. As the backbone of SlideMonster, she takes big ideas and tells them in a meaningful, clear, and concise story.